Terms & Conditions

Rights of the Energy Assessor to withdraw from the Contract

The Energy Assessor has the right to withdraw from the Contract if one or more of the following conditions apply:

  • If the property poses a threat to the Energy Assessor's health and safety beyond the normal domestic risks reasonable for a property in current residential occupation.

  • If access, for the Energy Assessor's visual inspection, is found to be restricted and if such restriction is likely, in their opinion, to have a material effect upon the completeness and/or accuracy of the Energy Performance Certificate

  • . If electricity, gas (if provided) and water services are not fully connected and in working condition during the inspection (which will include having a lamp in every light fitting).
    If any part of the property or the premises is a building site, unless the current building works are being managed by a contractor, who is competent in construction health and safety and who will be present throughout the duration of the inspection, ensuring compliance with the accepted site safety rules.

  • If a potential or actual conflicts of interest come to the Energy Assessor's notice at any stage throughout the process.
    It should be noted that if the withdrawal is due to something the client or their agent's could have prevented then the Energy Assessor reserves the right to charge a fee, pro rata, for the abortive work.
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Rights of The Client to cancel the Contract

The Client has the right to withdraw from the Contract at any point. Formal notice of withdrawal must be made in writing or Email to the Energy Assessor.

The Energy Assessor reserves the right to charge an abortive fee, pro rata, for work completed up to the point of the receipt of The Client's Withdrawal Notice.

Data Protection

The Energy Assessor will hold personal information in accordance with the Data Protection Act [1998] and this information will not be used for any purpose other than the production of the Energy Performance Certificate.

Complaints Statement

If the client has a problem, we can help.

We aim to offer the best possible service, but there may be occasions when the client feels they have cause for complaint. If so, we will always try to resolve the problem quickly and to the client's satisfaction. If the client is still unhappy with our response, they can take their complaint further through our complaints procedure. Please make your feelings known as soon as possible and preferably in writing or email.

Where to first make your complaint.
We aim to resolve your concerns within five working days. Sometimes it may take longer to look into the matter fully. If that happens we will let you know within 5 working days who will reply and when.

You can contact us in any of the following ways to let us know of the problem:

  • Telephone us on- 01132263144 / 07799702407
  • Write to us at- Above Address
  • E-mail us on- paul.clapham@hotmail.co.uk

We will then arrange for the right person to look into and respond to your concerns.

In the unlikely event that you remain unhappy, you can ask for us to review your complaint.

If you are still not happy.
If after that review you are still not satisfied, you can at that stage ask the 'Accreditation Scheme' to help. The 'Scheme' will investigate your complaint and if felt necessary, it will pass your complaint onto an Independent Adjudication Service to be nominated by the Scheme.

This service, which is an entirely independent mediation and adjudication service will consider your complaint and decide whether to take action against the Energy Assessor as a result. The Energy Assessor can be ordered to undertake various actions including if appropriate, paying you compensation.

Our company supports fully and is a member of the Stroma Accreditation Scheme

The 'Accreditation Scheme' details are provided below.

Telephone: 08456211115
E-mail: accreditation @stroma.com
Website: www.stroma.com
Please be aware that the existence of this complaints process does not affect your existing statutory rights.

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